DingDing Iron3

DingDing Iron3  is  a kind of  smartphone with high quality, android 4.4.4 MT6592 HD, Screen 1G 8G Quad-core 5.5inch 3G smartphone, it is very popular in the world.

Great performance isn’t the only reason why people prefer DingDing Iron 3 phones. Well-loved by over 100 million users, we’ve got an incredible operating system that’s deeply customizable, beautiful and great for productivity and play.

It’s so easy to use and now supports Android, so you can take full advantage of DingDing Iron 3 processor.

Finely textured and matte-sprayed for resistance to fingerprints and grease, the unibody design and matte back cover is smooth to the touch and feels great against skin.

dingding iron3 Smart phone

DingDing Iron 3 has the best LCD display has its limits. In order to make the best display possible, we used advanced OGS full lamination technology to integrate layers of protective glass and touch sensor into one.

Maxing out on brightness levels under sunlight has a limited effect on readability and quickly drains battery.

dingding iron3 Smart phone
dingding iron3 Smart phone

DingDing Iron 3 the back cover fits just right and bends seamlessly across the sides to meet the front display. Available in white, with colorful versions coming soon.