DINGDING X8, I am waiting for the wind, to waiting for you.
Date : 2017.10.27
I am waiting for the wind, to waiting for you.
The new flagship in July will be available soon. 

Zoom three, unprecedented new experience in photography.

Brand new color
Summer Red, the new summer star. 

DINGDING X8 in addition to the mysterious frosted black, vibrant vegetation green, romantic rose gold three colors, but also brought a new summer hit the new flagship - Summer Red. Full of summer breath color and back one-piece surface design complement each other, warm and passionate, holding in hand, like a hug throughout the summer.

DINGDING X8 Summer Red
After our classic red again and again to explore, proofing hundreds of times, just to make you memorable again. With the summer together, brighter and more colorful and dazzling.

Micro slot antenna
A nuanced punchline
Intriguing beauty, such as more general details reflect the punchline. A new micro - slot antenna is designed, and the collision between Stars Black and Summer Red, carefully look more beauty of Art.

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