DINGDING 2015 Hong Kong Asia Expo
Date : 2017.07.17
After four days Hong Kong Asia Expo electronic mobile exhibition, DINGDING with amazing impact and explosive power, succeed to present the field of mobile phone industry. At the same time, DINGDING mobile phone has become a dark horse in electron industry.


DINGDING relied on accurate market strategy, reliable quality assurance and sales programs which made by excellent cooperation team, opened new cooperation pattern in mobile phone industry. It also established a market presence. More than 30 countries and regions partners admire DINGDING and can’t help loving it, by DINGDING particularly good cost performance, reliable quality assurance and sales programs. Now more than 40 official partners entered into collaboration.


After four days of exhibition, DINGDING with the attitude faced the world, absorbed merits of others, shows the difference to global mobile phone suppliers. DINGDING comes up with the conception ” Value = idea ” to help and serve customers. We do the best product. Thank you for support and love. Shenzhen Bravo Technology Co.,Ltd., DINGDING welcome you.

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