October 16, 2015, dingding usher in first birthday, a year ago today, we carries the dream and harbor ambitions, work hard to do the best mobile phone brand; entrepreneurship journey is difficult, along the way encounter difficulties, from a small 7 people, 12 people, 20 people, 40 people scale, from Shenzhen Huaqiang North Nanshan, dingding growing, for all to see, dingding have no retreat, no complaints;keep doing customer satisfaction products and specialized research,quality assurance, spare no efforts work for DingDing’s future. Of course, also we have to gratitude our DINGDING CEO Anson and DINGDING COO Sky DINGDING in leading us along the way, dedication,with great love in helping DINGDING company’s growth, but also contribute to the community, for the benefit of people in need; thanks to their pay. DINGDING all family common motto of “Make good on your own, everything changed for the better, think good thoughts, everything changes.”