lon Chinese lunar calendar, September 20th 2015,DINGDING led all colleagues of the company to participate in the activities of Hongfa temple praying, with blessing,blessing to the heart of all beings and the society. DINGDING team started from fairy lake road at 4 a.m in the morning of 20th,they kowtowed every seven steps until they reached the temple. Everyone in this team held the belief, “with piety and mercy, be yourself, everything will be good, be well-intentioned , all changes”.Try to be advocates, participants and disseminators of the”positive energy”anddo good deeds to push the healthy social mentality and good social atmosphere of”one for all,all for one”and to seek the blessings for the human being , make contributions to world peace and development. At the same time,DINGDING also hopes that we can take part in such kinds of activities actively, by converging the small love from everyone into big love, we can share the blessing together.